Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Under TR’s Watchful Eyes

“We used to play at an old tennis court on Sixteenth Street. President [Teddy] Roosevelt would come by on his horse sometimes, and stop and watch us play. When he got ready to go he would wave and we would wave at him.”—Duke Ellington in Music is My Mistress

Just as a young Duke Ellington and his friends played under TR’s watchful eyes, Republicans in lower Manhattan labor to turn the tide under the shadow of the legendary Republican. In an office not far from the Teddy Roosevelt birthplace, the TR/Gramercy Park Republican Club provides vital support to downtown candidates, as well as a convenient meeting place for Republican activists. As a club officer, I hope some readers are able to join us for our Rough Rider Award Ceremony on Tuesday, May 2nd 7-9 pm. We will honor Charles and Barbara Drew for their lifelong contributions to the New York Republican Party. Our special guest will be former State Senator and NEA board member Roy Goodman.