Thursday, October 19, 2006

Off-Key Humor and Music from Gilad Atzmon

Vehemently “anti-Zionist” Gilad Atzmon enjoys skirting the boundary of anti-Semetic remarks. The self-described Israeli-born Palestinian has a history a troubling rhetoric (background here and here), and his new pseudonymous band is an over-the top Jewish caricature, reminiscent of the hateful stereotyped character Avrum Shtil from his novel My One and Only Love.

Recently, SF Indy Media got in on the Jewish jokes too, playing straight man in this theatrical interview with Aztmon’s alter ego. In an exaggerated expression of Jewish pride, Atzmon’s alter ego claims Jewish ownership of jazz in this pleasant sound bite:

“Are you a Jazz denier? Don’t you know that where jazz is coming from? Jazz is Jewish, Zwing is Jewish. Just get use to it. Do you want another Shoa, and then the another Schindler Liszt? Let’s stop right there.”

Evidently, Holocaust jokes go over well at Indy Media. Atzmon has musical talent, when he actually shuts up and plays, but you wouldn’t know it from the Fishel samples posted on-line. Artie Fishel is not a musical statement. It is a political screed—caustic bordering on hateful. Not surprisingly, it is a perfect editorial fit for Indy Media.