Sunday, January 04, 2009

Catchiest Tracks of 2008

As a sidebar to today’s top ten CDs of 2008 above, I add the five most addictive tracks of the year. Not necessarily the greatest artistic statements (although most are in fact, music of quite a high caliber), these were the tracks that often had me hitting repeat on the ipod, for better or worse. These were the tunes that got into my head. These are what I silently hummed to myself as I pretended to listen to my colleagues at work. Most are originals, but there is one pop cover, radically reinterpreted for instrumentation nobody would expect to associate with a Bob Marley song. Without further commentary, these are the tunes five tunes that stuck with me throughout the year:

Jesse Cook’s “Matisse the Cat” from Frontiers.
Gilfema’s “Your World” from Gilfema + 2.
Trygve Seim and Frode Haltli’s rendition of “Redemption Song” from Yeraz.
Eri Yamamoto’s “Wonderland” from Redwoods.
Norma Winstone’s “A Song for England” from Distances.