Friday, September 11, 2009

Sal Tieri

Speaking before a vigil during the immediate aftermath of September 11th, Sal Tieri’s mother remembered his hard work and dedication as a young boy, harvesting crabs every morning to help his struggling family make ends meet. That same industrious spirit brought him success and the respect of his peers in the business world, where he earned the position of managing director of Marsh & McLennan at the still youthful age of forty. However, it was his work with Marsh that brought him to a meeting in the World Trade Center on that fateful morning in 2001.

Remembered as a devoted father, Mr. Tieri left behind two sons, then aged five and seven. As a father, husband, brother, uncle, son, friend, and esteemed colleague, clearly many people grieved his loss and remember him fondly. Of course, we should all mourn Mr. Tieri and the other 2,995 individuals murdered on September 11th. We can not even imagine how they would have further contributed to society had they not been taken before their time, and we have been denied the opportunity to be personally enriched by them as friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Let us hope Mr. Tieri’s family and friends find a measure of solace and comfort on this solemn anniversary.