Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Friends Like These

Although Bill and Hillary Clinton have had their personal electoral successes, their golden touch has not rubbed off on many of their associates. Andrew Cuomo, Robert Reich, Erskine Bowles, and Janet Reno have all lost high profile elections since their days in the Clinton White House. Now, Reno associate Charles Simon is running for an open Assembly seat on the Upper Westside.

What name should jump out on his campaign finance filing, but Bernard Nussbaum, stroking a check for $500.00 I’m assuming this is the same Bernard Nussbaum who was also a member of the Clinton administration. That Nussbaum botched the handling of Vincent Foster’s tragic suicide, and was named in a Judicial Watch lawsuit for his part in the inappropriate handling of sensitive personal FBI files of former executive branch appointees (

Should we be concerned about Simon’s commitment to the right to privacy, knowing who his associates are? Probably no need to worry, given his underwhelming performance at the Goddard-Riverside forum and the track record of Clintonites seeking elective office. There are three more talented candidates also in the race. The most committed to reforming Albany would be the lone Republican, Emily Csendes (