Friday, March 10, 2006

Sec. Gail Norton to Resign

I’m sorry to hear reports of Interior Secretary Gail Norton’s imminent resignation. In her five years on the cabinet, she has been one of its most effective members, quietly and largely successfully implementing the Presidents policies. I met her in passing a few times when I was involved in CO campaigns, and I always found her friendly and gracious, even though I was volunteering for other Republican candidates. She would be a fantastic governor for CO. Say doesn’t that position open up in 2006?

Sec. Norton was recently in NY to announce ambitious plans to convert the recently discovered African Burial Ground in Lower Manhattan into a full-scale national park. It should be a fascinating addition to NY’s cultural landscape.

Of course, Sec. Norton’s greatest contribution was in charting a more rational course of policy with regards to wise land use. She pursued an administrative vision in which people live in harmony with the environment, in contrast to secular-religious jihad of the Green movement, which would have man enslaved to his environment. I hope the nation’s loss will be CO’s gain.