Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CCI-IFF ’13: PostHuman (short)

We might be in for a dystopian future, but there are those among us who won’t go down without a fight, perhaps including Terrance the hacker. He will demonstrate his talents to a mysterious woman and potential audiences for further and longer exploits when Cole Drumb’s animated short film PostHuman (trailer here) screens at the 2013 Comic Con International Independent Film Festival.

Evidently, the beautiful but deadly Kali was once an involuntary test subject in a secret government ESP lab.  She intends to rescue her last surviving fellow guinea pig, with Terrance’s help at the keyboard, while his faithful dog Nine looks on.  There’s your backstory, now its go time.

PostHuman is the perfect short for fans of the original Heavy Metal movie and magazine, both in terms of the hardboiled action and Kali’s wardrobe.  It is short, but it is violent, in a good anti-authoritarian sort of way.  Co-produced and co-edited by Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk, PostHuman is a muscular film with a striking anime-ish look that could easily serve as the prelude for a longer film or an ongoing series, like the 21st Century indie version of a backdoor pilot.

There are three reasons Comic Con attendees should queue up for PostHuman.  It is short, so it will not take too much time away from standing in other lines.  It is action-driven, so it is easily processed.  Perhaps most notably, it also stars the voice of geek pin-up Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica.

PostHuman is a cool short film that hopefully leads to future follow-ups.  It is exactly the sort of screening press attending Comic Con should be covering.  Fans on-the-ball enough to get their tickets in the ten minutes they were on-sale and then organized enough to arrange lodging should check out whatever they wish and get plenty of guilt-free swag. 

However, my colleagues ought to bear in mind Christopher Nolan was once indie.  Those who were in front of the curve on Following probably feel pretty smart now. Indeed, the CCI-IFF has a lot of talented filmmakers who have the potential to become big names, definitely including the team behind PostHuman.  Highly recommended, it screens this Thursday (7/18) in San Diego, along with Dawn Brown’s charmingly nostalgic House of Monsters and Lee Dae-hee’s surprisingly bittersweet and mature Padak, as part of Comic Con’s 2013 Independent Film Festival.