Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Sight Unseen: Razor’s Edge (Season Finale)

What kind of person gets obsessed with true crime? Perhaps a murderer might take a “professional” interest. Detective-turned-crime-solving consultant Tess Avery is rather disappointed to discover her online visual guide, Sunny Patel, is in fact a fugitive wanted for murder. However, Patel’s agoraphobia is still real. That means if the “real killer” come looking for her, it could mean real trouble in “Razor’s Edge,” the season finale of Sight Unseen, which airs tomorrow on CW.

Honestly, making Patel a murderer would be a movie plot twist. A Canadian network television show is unlikely to play that game with a character viewers have presumably invested nine weeks in already. Nevertheless, Avery is suspicious and understandably ticked off. However, she is also a bit angry with herself for hooking up with her former partner, Jake Campbell, right when she was starting to commit to Matt Alleyne, her childhood friend and long-suffering IT consultant.

To rub Patel’s nose in her deception, Avery forces her to remotely revisit the scene of her alleged crime. However, episode writer Karen Troubetzkoy never seriously invites viewers to suspect Patel’s guilt. Instead, episode director Bruce McDonald (who helmed the mind-bending zombie film,
Pontypool) builds towards a clever role reversal climax, wherein Avery and Alleyne try to guide Patel through a crisis, using the tech designed to help the sight-impaired detective.

“Razor’s Edge” ends with a cliffhanger, which could be permanent, since CW has yet to decide whether to renew or cancel it. However, it is a pretty well constructed episode. Based on reviews for four out of ten episodes, it is a reasonably sea-worthy detective show, which actually represents those who are almost invisible on television (isn't amazing how the so-called "under-represented" are so well represented, but 13% of the population has virtually no representation whatsoever? You'd almost think all this "diversity" talk is a total lie).

If you enjoy Canadian cop shows, this one is not bad. Dolly Lewis makes a compelling lead as Avery and Daniel Gillies and Jarod Joseph support her well as the other sides of the love-triangle. Recommended for Lewis and its themes, the season finale of
Sight Unseen airs tomorrow (6/5) on CW.