Monday, February 06, 2006

Reasons to be Happy the Steelers Won

Even if you're not a Steelers fan there are two reasons to be happy with Pittsburgh's Super Bowl victory. One reason is their longtime association of Harold Betters.

Betters is jazz trombonist who has been based in Pittsburgh for most of his career. He recorded for Reprise and Gateway. He has played for football fans at Steeler games for years. Although his website schedule doesn't include Steeler games, I've heard from co-worker who attended a game this year, that a trombonist's group was entertaining the crowd. Presumably, that was him. Betters is a Pittsburgh institution and hats off to the Steelers for showcasing him.

The second reason to be happy is Lynn Swann, former Steeler star and current candidate for governor. Pundits have argued the Steelers success this year has boasted his campaign. PA would be well served by a governor determined to hold the line on taxes and spending (so would NY for that matter). If a Steelers win helps his campaign, great.

For political and musical reasons, I'm happy Mike Holmgren butchered the Seahawk's closing drives. As a New York sports fan though, I just can't wrap my arms around football. When pitchers and catchers report, then we'll be getting somewhere.