Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ronald E. Magnuson

According to the New York Times’ “Portraits of Grief,” Ronald Magnuson was an avid golfer, who shot a hole-in-one, a feat few golfers can reasonably hope to accomplish, roughly twelve years before he lost his life on September 11th. His success on the links is telling, as golf is a social sport. Strangers are often thrown together is twosomes or foursomes, to cooperatively navigate the course, while competing with each other.

Indeed, the Times reports Mr. Magnuson, a contractor with Cantor Fitzgerald, “raised his children—Sheryl, 20, and Jeff, 23—to love conversation as much as he did. His idea of a great night out was a rousing talk over a restaurant dinner, with any or all members of his family.” A portrait emerges of a man beloved by family and friends, respected by neighbors and colleagues, mourned by all who knew him.

We should all mourn the loss of Ronald Magnuson and all who were murdered on September 11th. While we do not feel the loss as acutely as their family and friends, we have all been denied the future opportunity to be enriched by nearly three thousand individuals, as colleagues, friends, neighbors, and friendly golfing competitors.

On this anniversary I hope Mr. Magnuson’s family and friends find a measure of comfort and solace.

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