Friday, February 15, 2008

Thursday in the City

Yesterday was Valentine’s, or as some of us call it: Thursday. It was however, a good opportunity for musical events in the City capitalizing on the theme. ObliqSound celebrated the launch of Backdrop, their new electronica imprint, with the release of Moods: You, the Night, and the Music at M1-5 with a night of guest DJ’s. The classy people of OS know how to throw a cool event, and this was certainly no exception.

While designed as an urban mix “suitable for any environment—from the lounge, to the club, to the bedroom,” much of Moods leans more to the club than my tastes usually run. However, I dig Eric Kupper presents K-Scope’s “Latin Blues Part 1.” It’s a groovy tune not too far removed from the Hammond soul-funk you can often hear in the J.B. Spins offices, except just slightly amped up. I also recommend the funky lines Grand Pianoramax’s remixed “Freestyle Figures.” GP’s Leo Tardin was on the scene, as were some fellow bloggers—linkage here.

Later at Cachaca, Miho Nobuzane also presented a Spiritual Valentine themed show, via the rhythms of Brazil. Her technique on the piano is amazing. After watching her open the second set with “Cravo E Canela” I wanted to dunk my hands in a bucket of ice water. Most of the set drew from her debut CD, Make You Happy. It’s a fantastic record, one of your J.B. Spins Top 10 of 2007. The night was even sponsored by a jeweler, Ayazakura, whose work I’m afraid was lost on me.

Miho Nobuzane is a fantastic musician with a great band. You know the Brazilian vibe is legit, since her drummer Adriano Santos is from Brazil. She will be playing the jazz brunch at the Blue Note March 23rd, which should be another cool gig.

Last night was a good example of how the City delivers musical Valentines year-round, even on Thursday. Here’s a belated Happy Valentines Day from J.B. Spins.