Thursday, November 09, 2006

Independents Need Love

Tower Records’ bankruptcy is a real downer for a number of reasons. First of all, a number of people will be out of work. It will also have a terrible impact on the music we enjoy, if your tastes are more advanced than the current crop of soulless pop tunes.

Independent labels produce jazz and blues as a labor of love, not in expectation of great financial remuneration. Tower was a substantial piece of their distribution. The loss of Tower as a customer is unfortunate for book publishers, like my house. For independent labels, it is a much more serious hit.

The long and the short is independents need love. They produce great music that enriches our lives. Check out the websites of labels like the great British reissue label Sepia and Arabesque, home to up-and-coming trombonist and big band arranger Steve Wiest. Visit their websites and buy direct. You can find other independent labels worthy of your support here.

The music will not go away. Indeed, many of us will need the resiliency one draws from jazz and blues now more than ever, so support those who make it possible.