Friday, July 14, 2017

Fantasia ’17: Natsuko (short)

Supposedly, she is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, but her style owes more to Catwoman or Black Widow. Still, we’re not complaining about any part of Alexandre Lusignan’s short short, Natsuko, which screens tonight at the 2017 Fantasia International Film Festival, except that is so short.

This definitely looks like a proof of concept short film. In a little over two minutes, the red cloaked, impressively curved action heroine slices and dices her way through a pack of werewolves in a cemetery. Consider us totally sold on the concept and down for a feature treatment. Lusignan is free to add a more complex narrative—or not. Natsuko is just too fun to leave it at two minutes and seventeen seconds. Recommended for the style, atmosphere, and hack-and-slash, Natsuko screens tonight (7/14) as part of a Québécois shorts block at this year’s Fantasia.