Sunday, November 28, 2021

Beebo Saves Christmas, Sort of a DC Christmas Special

Beebo makes Bat-mite look serious and realistic, but he is still a highly unlikely member of the DC Multiverse. He started his fictional life as a much sought-after Cabbage-Patch-ish toy, before a time-warp turned him into a Norse god, or something like that. Viewers get to explore Beebo’s Whoville-like world within the Multiverse world when he makes like Ernest in Beebo Saves Christmas (directed by Jojo Ramos Patrick), another brand-spanking new animated holiday special that premieres Wednesday on the CW.

In Beebo’s “fuzzy town of Bo,” he seems to be the only furry critter who truly has the Christmas spirit. However, he is shocked and aghast to receive an impersonal corporate form-letter response from Santa’s workshop. Worried something has happened to Santa, Beebo sets off to the North Pole to find him, with the help of Turbo, a crazed consumer looking for a sold-out video game system; Tweebo, a preening social media influencer; and curmudgeonly Fleabo, who wants to give Santa a piece of his caustic mind. Unfortunately, they discover Sprinkles the elf has taken over the North Pole, completely mechanizing the workshop, for the sake of efficiency.

Beebo Saves Christmas is even more rewarding for viewers familiar with his mythos, especially since Victor Garber (who played Martin Stein, the character involved in Beebo’s origin story) provides some ironic narration. Yet, even if you come in cold, co-writers Matthew Maala and Kevin Shinick serve up an appealing blend of manic cuteness and a sly satire of the “saving Christmas” sub-sub-genre. Amped-up on sugar cookies and hot chocolate, it is all very goofy, but never dumb.

Casting Ernie Hudson from
Ghostbusters as the voice of Santa was an inspired decision, especially when he sings his big number, which is easily the special’s funniest song. Fans will be happy to know Benjamin Diskin returns as Beebo, while Keith Ferguson gets a lot of laughs as the snarky grouch, Fleabo.

The animation won’t make anyone forget about Studio Ghibli, but it is brightly colorful and it really has the look and vibe of an old school holiday special that serves the story well. Beebo and Santa are going to save the heck out of Christmas, so just have fun and don’t over think it. Highly recommended for DC fans and anyone in the mood for Christmas specials,
Beebo Saves Christmas premieres Wednesday (12/1) and repeats Tuesday (12/21) on the CW.