Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Walker: See You Sometime (Series Finale)

It is time to ride off into the sunset. Fortunately, there will be no crime in the entire state of Texas while the Rangers wrap-up some final personal and administrative business. It was a tough season for Cordell Walker, so maybe he would be happy to know this will be the last. Frankly, he is lucky to be alive for “See You Sometime,” the series finale of Walker, which premieres tonight on CW.

Apparently, The Jackal had Walker strapped to a gurney and buried alive, so he is still understandably a bit shaky. To his credit, he is finally starting to open with his family and girlfriend, because he cannot pretend this case wasn’t brutal on them too.

Consequently, there will be no crimes solved in this episode. Instead, it is all about character pay-off. The only open question left to resolved is who gets the promotion to lieutenant? The answer is embargoed, but even if it weren’t, it would be no fair telling.

Maybe for
Walker fans “See You Sometime” will hit like the last episode of MASH. That seems unlikely, but it is clear writer-showrunner Anna Fricke is hoping to reward viewer investment. You get a strange perspective on a series from only seeing the pilot, the final season premiere, and the series finale, but those were the episodes provided for review. Regardless, it seems like the cast developed a nice rapport and settled comfortably into their characters. It also feels like there’s a pleasant family vibe going on, particularly Mitch Pileggi as Pop Walker.

Surviving four seasons is something under current market conditions. Obviously, “See You Sometime” will not win over new viewers, but that is not its intention and it is too late for that anyway. Recommended for die-hard fans of the characters rather than casual procedural viewers, the season finale of
Walker airs tonight (6/26) on CW.