Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Box Score

Let’s check the latest box score from Albany’s latest news:

Assemblyman Clarence Norman (D): The assemblyman and Brooklyn Democrat party chair scored a rare legal victory. After two convictions for felony corruption and mishandling campaign donations, Norman was acquitted on charges of grand larceny. He still faces a further trial on charges of selling judgeships. Status: two convictions, one acquittal, one trial pending.

Sen. Ada Smith (D): As seen on Drudge, the Queens State Senator (D) stands accused of physically abusing staff members, including pulling hair and throwing coffee in the face of a former staffer. The Politicker has an amusing piece on the confusion over whether Smith is still in the Democrat leadership or not. The answer seems to be No. Status: investigation pending.

Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin (D): Has had his Queens office and the offices of the New York Central Labor Council, which he runs, searched by the FBI in conjunction with an ongoing corruption investigation. Status: investigation pending.

Sen. David Patterson (D): Facing questions about his dealing with a lobbyist. Remember how evil lobbyists were a few months ago. After accepting a freebie charter flight up to the state of the state speech, he first refunded the cost of a commercial ticket from his own pocket $176. After mounting criticism, he refunded the balance of the full cost of the flight $4500, from his campaign account, although the purpose of the trip on its face was not campaign related. Status: questionable refunds paid.

Michael Boxley: After serving time for sexual assault, the top aide to Assembly Speaker Silver (D) now has his legal license reinstated. Status: time served.

Now ask which party is best qualified to bring real reform to Albany?

Correction: Ada Smith is the alleged abusive senator. Ada Lee was a vocalist who recorded an album for Atco in the late 1960's.