Thursday, March 16, 2006

NJ Business as Usual

Remember what a terrible threat sleazy lobbyists pose to democracy? It seems the dinosaur media has forgotten. Revelations about Harry Reid’s work on behalf of Abramoff clients just weren’t that much fun to cover, evidently. Now there’s a story across the Hudson that doesn’t seem to be getting much play either, even though it sure seems to have sensational elements.

In what he admits was a mistake, Gov. Corzine (D) loaned lobbyist and former campaign aide Karen Golding $5,000 to post bail on a stalking charge. Golding represents Prudential Financial, which manages a state fund, and is now in an odd financial relationship with the governor. Stalking, financial conflicts of interest. This story seems to have it all. It even has the unusual wrinkle of an elected official sending funny money to the lobbyist, instead of vice versa. Why not more national coverage? Maybe the networks don’t consider corruption in a NJ Democrat administration to be newsworthy. It’s just business as usual.