Thursday, March 23, 2006

It Shines For All

New York City is blessed to have two daily newspapers with center-right editorial pages, giving the city some much needed diversity of opinion. The NY Post is well established, and beloved by many for its take-no-prisoners style headlines. The new kid on the block is the NY Sun.

Its start-up years have been difficult, but one hopes they can hang tough. The Sun has already demonstrated a commitment to investigative journalist, breaking some of the early stories in the Air America/Gloria Wise financial scandal. Although the Sun’s website is largely subscriber only, as a public service they collected those Air Enron stories here. The Sun has also given considerable critical attention to jazz in its arts pages. Now Jazz Week (3/20 issue, subscription also req’d) reports the Sun will be the media sponsor for Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Jazz Appreciation Month events. The NY Sun is a welcome addition to the NY cultural and journalistic scene. Let’s hope the Sun indeed continues to shine for the City.